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Your Single Tufted Friend

Single tufted brush? That well known song reminds us that ‘we get by with a little help from our friends’ but do you have a single tufted one? If not, the chances are you could do with one!

Single tufted toothbrushes are incredibly useful cleaning tools to use ALONGSIDE your usual toothbrush and interdental cleaning aids (e.g. floss, interdental brushes, water flosser). These little ninjas are perfect for cleaning those areas in the mouth that are hard to reach.

These brushes are perfect if you have a gag reflex or limited opening of your mouth. Some can be adapted to create the correct angle of the handle by running under hot water and gently bending. Why not have a number of them to reach different parts of your mouth?

Solo brushing is a ‘thing’! This is when you use a single tufted brush to clean your whole mouth. Refine the technique for solo brushing and practise some mindfulness while you clean – great for your oral and mental health and well being! Find out how to here.

The following are examples of where you may find a single-tufted brush useful.

  • Behind lower front teeth. This is a notoriously difficult area to clean well (which is why your hygienist may say that you have a build-up of calculus (tartar-hardened plaque), in this area which then requires scaling i.e. the calculus build-up to be ‘scraped off’). The size and angle of a single tufted brush makes it ideal to reach this area and clean more effectively.
  • Around orthodontic appliances (braces). If you have or have had braces, you will be aware that it can be tricky to clean your teeth around the brackets etc. A single tufted brush is the perfect size to reach in and around the nooks and crannies created by an orthodontic appliance to ensure optimum oral hygiene. Also great around fixed orthodontic retainers ( that fiddly wire that holds the space between teeth together!)
  • Implants attachments for over dentures. Remove the denture and you have a ‘pop up’ from the gum… super care required around the gum line to keep these clean and healthy  – they are the foundations that stabilise and anchor your teeth.
  • Cleaning into gum pockets. Use the CTS Superslim  to brush root surfaces under the gum line. There is evidence that this can be very effective at controlling plaque biofilm in periodontal (gum) pockets. Practise using your superslim friend, perfection always requires we go the extra mile!
  • Lone standing teeth – that one tooth that sits on its lonesome? It can be hard to reach all surfaces with your toothbrush – your single tufted friend can!
  • Wisdom teeth – partly erupted wisdom teeth can be a real challenge – read more here
  • Along the gum line for great gum health – use a solo technique and be mindful.
  • Brushing children’s erupting teeth – often fiddly with a small mouth on a wriggly child. A single tuft brush can make it easier – and gentle on partly erupted teeth.
  • Crowded and crooked teeth – where a tooth sitting a little  at angle  – often these pick up stain quickly as they are easily missed with your toothbrush  – get your single tufted friend on the job!

How to use? 

We recommend you use dry. You can place a little toothpaste on the back of your (clean) hand to dip bristles into, or use mouth wash or, if gum problems try PerioPlus gel or Gengigel .

Direct the tip (tuft) into the space between teeth and then trace the gum line with the bristles directed just under the gum margin. Use a small circular movement with little pulses of gentle pressure in between teeth towards gum crevice, and a gentle sweeping  movement along the gum line at the neck of the teeth (see solo brushing above). Rinse as necessary during use and reapply paste etc as required. Rinse brush well after use (nip the bristles together to help keep its shape) and store upright out of contact with someone else’s brushes.  

As you can see there are various uses for a single tufted brush and what’s even better? They won’t break the bank! To view the Growing Smiles range of brushes click here. You never know, it could be the new friend you (and your mouth) have been waiting for!

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