Time out for Teeth – everyone can benefit from taking time out for their teeth!

Anyone can take Time Out For Teeth (TOFT). What you do at home every day is central to improving oral health. How do you know if you’re doing the right things? Take 15 (or 30) minutes out of your busy day to get 1 to 1 advice on looking after your mouth. You choose your focus, whatever concerns you, e.g.tooth brushing, looking after implants or general advice on keeping your mouth healthy, and LeighGS will help you to a healthier smile. Your home care routine will directly impact how much time you spend in the dental chair, so make sure your efforts count. Your home care should be balanced against your risk of disease,which changes throughout life. You may not know or realise how your lifestyle or health impacts your mouth, or what you can do to reduce the risk of problems developing. It takes time,knowledge and skills to obtain and maintain a healthy smile – our oral health expert LeighGS will help maximise the effort you put into your oral care routine.

Use Facetime, Facebook or Whatsapp video call or Skype to connect online with Growing Smiles’ oral health expert LeighGS and take TOFT to improve your routine and potentially your oral health. You choose to take 15 or 30 minutes Time Out For Teeth – just select when booking.

You may like to take Time Out For your Teeth, or your child/children or someone your care for. Contact us if you have any queries. We want this to work for you – your time – your teeth!


Simply book a slot on the calendar below. 

Book up to 2 weeks in advance.

*Booking times in British Summer Time.This is a global service so if you would like to book a slot outside of those listed e.g if you are located outside the UK please email Leigh@growingsmiles.co.uk We love to hear from our global followers.

Book a time that suits you, when you have 15 (30) minutes free and are unlikely to be interrupted. Book your time and make payment via Paymentsense or Paypal. You don’t need to have an account – select pay as guest and use credit/debit card).

Each 15 minute session costs £14.99, payable on booking. Free cancellation with 24 hours notice.  

*Calendar booking in British Summer Time

You will receive an email confirming your appointment with details of what happens next and a link to complete a short questionnaire in preparation for taking TOFT. Be sure to give us as much information as possible regarding your oral health, hygiene routine or anything else that you think may be useful for LeighGS to know e.g you use an electric or manual brush, you have limited mobility or struggle with keeping your mouth open etc.

*All TOFT sessions will be treated confidentially and all advice offered is based on the information you have provided, and does not negate the importance of regular dental attendance.

How to Take Time Out for Teeth

Things you will need

  • You will need your phone/laptop/webcam device
  • Oral health care kit  e.g. toothbrush, interdental cleaning aids, mouth wash etc
  • Mirror
  • If you are booking for a parent/child TOFT please let us know the age of your child/children so we can make sure you get the maximum benefit from the session.

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