Time out for Teeth

Everyone can benefit from taking time out for their teeth!

Personalised advice for YOUR Mouth in YOUR Environment at YOUR Convenience.

What do you know about your oral health?

Are you fed up always needing fillings or having gum problems? Are you having a hard time trying to achieve oral health for yourself or someone you care for? Is it time to TAKE CONTROL of your oral health and get your mouth in shape?

If it’s time to work out WHY and not just WHAT is going on with your teeth, gums, mouth, you are in the right place!

The most common dental diseases – tooth decay and gum disease are PREVENTABLE!

Oral health is strongly linked with general health and well being. Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many other diseases and conditions are associated with your oral health. Your mouth really is a reflection of your overall health.

You’ve heard of personal trainers and weight loss coaches? Now you can have an oral health coach to help improve your oral health. Time Out For Teeth (TOFT) is a virtual oral health coaching service with Growing Smiles Oral Health Expert and Coach LeighGS. This is not an alternative to regular dental visits, but complementary to time in the dental chair. TOFT is an opportunity to ask questions you may not have an opportunity to ask and take time to focus on what you can do to help yourself (or someone you care for) have a healthy smile for life. 

Your Time Out For Teeth session is personalised to your mouth, health and circumstances. You will be sent a questionnaire before the session to allow Leigh GS to understand what your key concerns are, to ensure these are addressed and covered during the session.

Are you ready to prevent cavities, bleeding gums and help yourself have a healthier smile for life? Find out more and book a time to Take Time out For YOUR teeth here. LeighGS will help you understand your Dental Score and help you take control of your oral health.

Use the results as a focus for taking Time Out For Teeth with oral health coach LeighGS.


Broadly speaking, TOFT aims to identify your personal level of risk for problems and disease within the mouth. Examples of factors considered may include;


Medical conditions

Oral Hygiene routine


Family history

After your personal risk assessment has been completed and factors which may impact your oral health identified, Leigh GS works with you to provide advice and tips on how to manage these factors to reduce the risk of any (further) oral care problems or disease.

Advice will also be given on how to maintain your oral care to ensure an optimal level of oral health.

TOFT is suitable for all. You can book a session for your children, for advice on how to manage the mouth of someone you care for, perhaps a family member in a care home or in hospital. You may not have any ‘risk factors’ for oral disease but might like to check your tooth brushing technique or get advice on interdental cleaning. The service is completely flexible and tailored to your personal requirements.

All you need is some form of video technology, our preferred method is Zoom but if you let us know what platform works best for you we will do our very best to accommodate using alternatives such as Facetime, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp video call or Skype. Book your slot below and choose whether you would like to take 30 minutes Time Out For Teeth. We understand that some people may prefer to take Time Out For Teeth via a phone call – that’s fine – just let us know when you book. 

Not sure if its for you? Why not take MyDentalScore for yourself or someone you care for? Got a question?  Contact us to discuss how Time Out For Teeth can help you.

Prevention really is better than Cure! At Growing Smiles our aim is to Help You To A Healthier Smile for life.



Simply book a slot on the calendar below. 

Book up to 2 weeks in advance.

*This is a global service so if you would like to book a slot outside of those available please email

We love to hear from our global followers.


Book a time that suits you, when you have 30 minutes free and are unlikely to be interrupted. Book your time and make payment via Stripe or Paypal. You don’t need to have an account – select pay as guest to use credit/debit card).

Each 30 minute session costs £14.99, payable on booking. Free cancellation with 24 hours notice.  

*Calendar booking in British Summer Time


You will receive an email confirming your appointment with details of what happens next and a link to complete a short questionnaire in preparation for taking TOFT. Be sure to give us as much information as possible regarding your oral health, hygiene routine or anything else that you think may be useful for LeighGS to know e.g you use an electric or manual brush, you have limited mobility or struggle with keeping your mouth open etc.

*All TOFT sessions will be treated confidentially and all advice offered is based on the information you have provided, and does not negate the importance of regular dental attendance.

How to Take Time Out for Teeth

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