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Time Out For Teeth is a one to one or group (your choice) coaching session with Leigh GS, working on a model of – IDENTIFY – MANAGE – MAINTAIN to get your mouth and oral health routine up to scratch and keep it that way. Leigh GS is an experienced oral health professional with a special interest in prevention, overall health and wellbeing. Leigh’s approach is to get your mouth in tip top shape (if not already) and keep it that way!


Clean Between Coaching lets you focus specifically on cleaning the surfaces between teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. Cleaning between (interdental cleaning) is key to gum health, preventing tooth decay and bad breath. How does it work? You book Clean Between Coaching. Complete the short survey which helps us to select suitable interdental cleaning aid samples for you to try. These are posted to you in time to use during your coaching session.

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Who it’s for: Everyone can benefit from taking Time Out For Teeth – whether it’s a one off session or a series. Clean between sessions specifically target interdental cleaning (learn more below . Time Out for Teeth topics of interest (but not limited to); bleeding gums, gum disease and gum health; preventing cavities/tooth decay; general oral hygiene and daily routines; caring for someone else’s mouth (e.g. baby, child or elderly relative), caring for dental implants; orthodontic brace care; dry mouth and bad breath.

How it works: The quickest and easiest way to book is using the online chat feature on our website. If no one is available to take your message we will get back to you ASAP. Once a suitable date and time has been agreed you will then be sent a short questionnaire to complete before your session – this gives you the opportunity to highlight anything specific you’d like to discuss or focus on. You will then be sent a zoom link to join at the time you have booked from the comfort of your own home.

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Time Out for Teeth sessions are £14.99 for a 30 minute session with £5.00 of this being redeemable in our online shop up to 7 days after your session.

Cost of Clean Between Coaching £17.99 for 30 minute session (includes interdental cleaning aids for use during session).

Make the investment in your long term oral, general health and wellbeing.

Discounted rates available if booking a series of sessions.

Want to know how oral health coaching can benefit your oral health? Find out more here

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