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Implant Care

Implant care is key to the success. Dental implants are a big investment in both time and money. They require the same investment to maintain. Whether you have one dental implant or a a full mouth of teeth on dental implants, your home care must be first class to ensure the health of your mouth and the implants. Extra care is required.

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”Read more…” less_text=”Hide”]Brushing twice a day is the foundation for healthy implants but even your toothbrushing routine will likely need to be modified to clean thoroughly. Implant care includes cleaning the area where implants are placed in the gum/bone and also around the restorations (crowns/bridges etc) that are attached to these implants. If you have removable dentures that attach to dental implants you will find more about the care of your denture here.

Implant care takes time and effort as well as regular support from your dental team in the form of monitoring and professional cleaning. Don’t skip on your home care OR on regular professional care to make sure your implants give lifetime service. Not sure what you should be doing or how? Contact us we are here to help.[/showhide]

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