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About Growing Smiles

Growing Smiles was started in 2010 by Leigh Hunter, with the aim to help people help themselves have a healthier smile for life. The idea took seed from awareness that much that contributes to improving oral health doesn’t actually require a dental surgery to benefit health.  Growing Smiles offers evidence based tips and advice, oral health coaching (currently all online), and a range of oral health care products professionals recommend.

What our clients say –

“Leigh and the team at Growing Smiles offer a fantastic service. They are extremely accommodating and really try to understand your needs and worries and offer practical advice and solutions. I’m really glad I found Growing Smiles and so grateful to be working with someone like Leigh to improve my oral health”.


When you visit the dentist, often the main focus is on a tangible treatment – for example, having a filling, an implant, a scale and polish, and so on. Due to time pressures in this day and age, often there isn’t that time to talk, to discuss what YOU can do for your mouth at home, how to care for your own or someone else’s teeth based on your own personal circumstances. Or it may be that time for talking and advice is available, but you are distracted by what is yet to come in the treatment chair. This is where Growing Smiles comes in.

Think of Growing Smiles as a personal trainer for your mouth without leaving the comfort of your own home or office! Visit our tips pages and read our blog posts to start improving your oral health. We aim to help you understand what is going on in your mouth and how you can manage your oral health and maintain a healthy smile for life. Through our online virtual coaching tool – Time Out For Teeth, we help you develop a personal mouth care routine to suit your lifestyle and improve your oral health based on your needs and wants. We will demonstrate how you can take action and aim to motivate you to improve your oral health and reduce the risk of poor dental health which may impact your general health.

About Growing Smiles and founder Leigh Hunter

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