Sugar free mints/sweets are a great way of having the best of both worlds. Not only are they good for teeth – courtesy of xylitol and their ability to stimulate saliva, but they can also be helpful in weight control. Find out more about oral health, sugar and xylitol here. 

Xylitol is low-GI so these sweets are suitable for diabetics and as xylitol has 40% lower calories than sugar they can be useful in weight reduction and management.

Whether it is to freshen breath or have something to suck our sugar free range of mints/sweets make a great alternative.  Dr Johns range of treats come from USA . Since 1995, award winning American dentist, Dr. John Bruinsma, and his dental hygienist wife Debra, have perfected an extensive line of naturally delicious, tooth-friendly sweets that you and your dentist can smile about. Dr j ohns range uses both xylitol and erythritol to sweeten. Both Xylitol and Erythritol have oral health benefits.  More information can be found on each product page.

Peppersmith mints are made with 100% xylitol which has been shown to reduce plaque build up as well as stopping the bacteria that cause tooth decay  sticking to tooth surfaces. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians & coeliacs. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Dr Heffs mints have been developed by two dentists from the south of England and like other xylitol products they help to remineralise (harden) tooth surfaces after acid and sugar attacks.

Learn more about a healthy diet and improving your oral health here

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