Mint Free Toothpaste

Mint free toothpaste is popular with children and adults a like.  Not everyone wants a fresh minty taste! Whether you are looking for an alternative to mint or no flavour at all Growing Smiles has something for you. Our fluoride toothpastes have the recommended amounts of fluoride for children (over 1000ppm) and adults (over 1350ppm) with a flavour for everyone.  Choose from Applemint or Tutti Fruitti to something somewhat more exotic like some of the BeYou flavours from Curaprox – including Gin & Tonic!

See individual product for details of ingredients etc.

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Find out all you may ever want to know about mint free toothpastes and a lot you possibly don’t want to know here!

Flavouring is used to enhance taste and make use more appealing.  Our perception of flavour comes from a combination of  taste, smell and sensory input. Taste sensation is known to be very different between children and adults with children preferring mild and sweet flavours. Xylitol added to toothpaste not only enhances the taste but also has been should to reduce tooth decay. Find out more about xylitol here

Whether you choose mint free toothpaste or minty, brush last thing at night and one other time every day. Clean between teeth/floss first then brush. Spit toothpaste out after brushing but let the active ingredients work for longer by not rinsing afterwards.

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