Single tuft toothbrushes

Single tuft toothbrushes are a great way to focus your oral hygiene to remove and control dental plaque biofilm. Hold them in a pen grasp – like you would hold your pen. This helps control the bristles and enables accurate placement and movement. Single tuft brushes are used to clean the gingival sulcus ( the crevice where the gum and tooth meet).
Use the single tuft brush dry to ‘feel’ the bristles at the gum margin (think how you use a nail brush to clean under finger nails). Use gentle pressure to push the bristles into the gum margin so they splay out, then wiggle the bristles. This will take time and effort for maximum benefit. Looking in a mirror with good light will help. Once you have mastered this ‘single tuft’ brushing technique you can use it anywhere, anytime. Focus on the quality of this push, splay wiggle technique for great gum health.

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