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Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Ortho Toothbrush


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The Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro/ Ortho electric toothbrush is a sonic toothbrush with hydrodynamics. Brush like a Pro! Looking for a toothbrush to clean around gum margins, orthodontic braces, dental implants,  receding gums? This brush with its single tuft attachment as standard is ideal.

NB. some boxes currently say Pro others Ortho – both are exactly the same toothbrush.  Curaprox have transitioned packaging/labelling.

Toothbrush and single tuft brush heads included for clean teeth and healthy gums. Perfect for super effective oral hygiene for teeth, gums, orthodontic appliances, implants, crown, bridges etc.

Swiss premium oral care – Suitable for children and adults over 4 years of age.

60 minutes brushing time from one charge.

7 modes

3 brush heads – power, sensitive and single.

After oral health coach LeighGS trialled this brush we felt it would be a great addition to our online shop. Brush your teeth like a Pro and get that super clean feeling every day.

Why do we like the Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro electric toothbrush? Perfect head for brushing gums and teeth and we LOVE the single tuft brush head! The Curacurve angled head makes it easy for cleaning around gum margins, gum recession, orthodontic appliances, implants, crown margins, bridges (basically all the fiddly bits we find in our mouths!) and anyone who has sensitive teeth and gums.  The size of the head makes access to single teeth – lone standing in the mouth and around wisdom teeth – especially if not completely erupted, achievable. If you struggle to open your mouth wide this is the power brush for you.

The single tuft head is really super around awkward areas of the mouth and practicing solo toothbrushing. If you have a gag reflex you can reach the inside of the lower back teeth – well know trigger points for setting of a fit of gagging when brushing. Download the Growing Smiles solo toothbrushing guide modified from Curaprox.

What is the hydrodynamic effect? ‘Hydro’ means water; ‘dynamic’ also comes from Greek and means: woah, something’s happening. Namely, this: in addition to the brushing motion, cleaning is also performed by the mixture of saliva, water and toothpaste that you hold in your mouth while brushing. How?  Up to 42,000 brush strokes per minute generate turbulence which flushes the liquid in your mouth into gaps, niches and periodontal (gum) pockets, thus washing away plaque and bacteria.

Most bristles in conventional sonic toothbrushes have a diameter of 0.2 millimetres. With Curaprox they are a maximum of 0.152 millimetres – fine and gentle. They are made of CUREN® instead of nylon, which has a significant benefit: CUREN® hardly absorbs any water, so performance remains constant. Thanks to the droplet-shaped arrangement, the bristles wrap around each individual tooth, cleaning more effectively. What’s more, they’re wonderfully soft – even with 42,000 brush strokes per minute.

Use with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Start and do powered solo brushing with with the single tuft tip or start with single tuft then finish with one of the other heads. Choose between Power or Sensitive pear shaped brush head with soft Curen filaments, gentle and effective.

Using a power toothbrush is different to how you use a manual toothbrush – learn about the difference technique here. 

Learn more about the Curaprox hydrosonic range here. 


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