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Curaprox Single Tuft Sulcus Brush


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Curaprox Single Tuft Sulcus Brush 1006 is a 6mm tuft perfect for cleaning the difficult area around the gum line and ‘solo brushing’. 

This Curaprox sensitive single tuft sulcus brush is for ‘Solo’ brushing, to clean the crevice where gum and tooth meet i.e. the ‘sulcus’. The sulcus in health is 2-3 mm deep and is one of the most important areas to clean and disrupt plaque biofilm. Plaque biofilm forms on teeth shortly after thorough cleaning and thickens over time. This sticky biofilm becomes home for bacteria to develop in a community. There are good and bad bacteria in our mouth, and the balance between them and our bodies impacts each individuals oral health. Bacteria have a major role in causing disease to teeth and gums, but they rely on the plaque biofilm to live and thrive. Remove the biofilm and they can’t organise themselves to cause problems. Hence thorough daily cleaning  to remove the plaque  biofilm is key to a healthy mouth.

This brush is perfect for  ‘Solo’ tooth brushing. What is Solo brushing? It is a tooth brushing technique that focuses on cleaning the gum sulcus – one tooth at a time. It can be a very effective way of disrupting the plaque biofilm in the mouth. We have a client who brushes using this technique while watching a well known soap opera every evening!

It takes time to clean teeth thoroughly but once the Solo technique is mastered, you will feel the difference.  It is best taught on a one to one basis by a dental professional or GS coach,  but using a mirror will help. Keep running your tongue around the teeth to feel the cleanliness of each tooth as you brush ~ Solo. This really is taking time out for your teeth! 🙂   https://growingsmiles.co.uk/time-out-for-teeth/


Use the brush dry, without toothpaste. Brushing this way when you have time, don’t need to be at a sink etc, can really take the pressure off ‘thorough’ brushing last thing at night when you are tired. Brush then with a manual or electric brush and fluoride toothpaste (at least 1350ppm), spit out but don’t rinse after so the ingredients in the toothpaste works while you sleep. A bit like putting moisturiser on before you sleep!

Watch the Curaprox video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIJWsAdgEHE  

Healthy tips for happy teeth can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIJWsAdgEHE


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