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This great little set of interdental brushes from Curaprox is perfect for travelling with your interdental brushes. The quality of the CPS prime brush makes a single cleaning movement, once in and out, enough to clean interdental spaces between teeth. The ultra-thin and extra strong surgical wire is surrounded with bristles made from CURAL® which makes these brushes both gentle and strong.  Pack includes brush sizes CPS prime 06, 07, 08, 09, 011. These click into the handle and all fit neatly into a box, perfect for bag or pocket.

Sizes included in in mm (TePe sizes in brackets for comparison)

Turquoise  0.6        (TePe Blue 0.6 Size 3)

Red  0.7                  (TePe Yellow 0.7 Size 4)

Pink 0.8                  (TePe Green 0.8 Size 5)

Yellow  0.9

Green 1.1                (TePe Purple 1.1  Size 6)

Pocket box case is available in Red, Lilac or Yellow. The ergonomically shaped plastic holder/handle UHS 450 mini click is blue.

How to use –

Use once a day or as advised by your dental team or Growing Smiles coach. Clean between teeth before tooth brushing . Use brushes dry and always use the largest size that fits comfortably between teeth. The bristles must contact tooth surfaces to be effective. Use dry without water or toothpaste unless otherwise directed. After use rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

More here about using interdental brushes with Growing Smiles coach, LeighGS

Prime refills are sold separately,  Available soon at Growing Smiles.




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