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TePe Extra Soft Interdental Brushes 8 pack


Packs of 8

Extra soft Multi Pack – contains 1 x Purple, 2 x Green, 2 x Yellow, 1 x Blue, 1 x Red, 1 x Orange

Extra soft pack of 8 of one size – select size (in mm) from:
Orange-0.45, Red-0.5, Blue-0.6, Yellow-0.7, Green-0.8, Purple-1.1

*Please note: if colour choice is unavailable please contact us and we will check if/when it will be available

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TePe Interdental brushes are designed to clean the surfaces between your teeth where your toothbrush can’t reach. The extra soft bristles on these interdentals are gentle on gums but effective at cleaning between teeth. Not cleaning between your teeth leaves between 30-40% of the bacterial plaque biofilm on the teeth. The bacteria that live in this plaque biofilm can cause gum inflammation , so it is important to clean between everyday with a suitable oral hygiene aid.

SIZE MATTERS! If your teeth have tight contact points between them and the gum fills the space between your teeth, you may be best to use floss – try GumChucks for easy flossing. If you have space between the teeth – this may be the result of gum disease, aging or early tooth loss, a TePe interdental brush is ideal. Think of how a bottle brush cleans – the bristles must make contact with the tooth surfaces to clean effectively. Always use the largest size that fits comfortably – make sure the bristles touch the tooth surfaces, otherwise you are just removing food packed between the teeth.

Choose the correct size, use dry and insert following the contour of the gum. Insert below the contact point between the teeth (slightly rotating the brush as it is inserted helps). Move the bristles in and out of the space 3-4 times then move onto the next space. Rinse after use under running water and store in the Tepe Microholder, or for work/travel, Tepe travel case.

Tepe Extra soft interdental brushes are designed for use: after surgery; when gums are sore/sensitivity; for dry mouth; if preferring softer brush.

More healthy tips for happy teeth can be found here

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Each pack has 8 brushes. Straight brush head, short handle with plastic coated wire for safety and comfort – six sizes.

Extra soft Multi Pack – contains 1 x Purple, 2 x Green, 2 x Yellow, 1 x Blue, 1 x Red, 1 x Orange

Extra soft pack of 8 of one size – select size (in mm) from:
Size 1 Orange-0.45, Size 2 Red-0.5, Size 3 Blue-0.6, Size 4 Yellow-0.7, Size 5 Green-0.8, Size 6 Purple-1.1

For more information http://www.tepe.com/fileadmin/uploads/2012_redesign_files/Products/IDB/IDB_guide.jpg

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