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In Person Oral Health Coaching

Personal Training for your Mouth!

Coaching to help improve your oral health.

We aim to help you understand your oral health and improve and support what you do to prevent disease and reduce the amount of dental treatment you require.

Prevention IS better than cure! We are here to help you to a healthier smile – in your own home, at a time that suits you!

Think of achieving oral health along the lines of getting physically fit. Physical fitness means different things at different stages in your life and is influenced by a variety of factors. Your mouth is the same. Oral health can fluctuate throughout life and the effort required to obtain and maintain healthy teeth and gums is affected by many lifestyle and health factors – not just cleaning your teeth. We help you get balance between risk factors and protective factors/actions right for YOUR mouth. We help you identify how this applies to you and what it means to your oral health which can benefit your overall health and wellbeing.

We also offer coaching for the whole family. We can help with tips for toddler toothbrushing, teenage snacking or cleaning granny’s dentures. Let us know what makes your family unique and we will help you help them improve the whole families oral health.

One to One Oral Health Coaching


When is the most important time to look after your mouth?

A : 365 days a year – not just the few days before your dental visit!

Growing Smiles one to one or small family group oral health coaching is designed to help you to a healthier smile in your own home.


The cost of these sessions include oral hygiene aids, preparation, feedback, travel etc.  Cost per session £60. 


Wherever suits you! Your home or location suitable to your needs e.g. residential home if you are a carer.


At a time suitable for you and your family/those you care for (includes evening or weekend).

What we’ll discuss?

Personal Risk Assessment –  Are you at risk of dental disease? Do you know how to prevent problems. Many things can affect your oral health and may impact on your risk of disease.

e.g. Medical factors; Lifestyle factors; Present home care; Pain or disability; Dental attendance and previous dental experiences etc.

We will discuss things that you are concerned about e.g. anxiety about dental visits, bad breath etc. and why oral health is important in context of general health and well being.

A variety of factors can affect your oral health throughout life. Based on the information gathered we can help you identify risk factors and their potential impact on your oral health and well being. We can explain common dental diseases, how they can be prevented, how where this relates directly to your own mouth. 

With you, we will create a personal home care plan, recommending what you can do to improve your oral health. This will be tailored with you to suit your lifestyle, offering hints and tips to make looking after your mouth manageable. We are big fans of making the best option for you, also the easiest wherever possible!  We will support you as you put it into action – helping you have a healthier smile. 

You may choose a one off call or a series of coaching sessions.

Why not book a regular coaching session?

We are all human! Often we start off with great enthusiasm for change,  then ‘life’ gets in the way! Knowing you have someone to support and chat about the challenges you are experiencing can really help you maintain the long term commitment to improving your oral health. 

Book three and get a 4th call free of charge. Booking a series of sessions is great for motivation and allows us to modify your routine as your oral health improves.

We can  – review previous sessions and monitor progress – how you are getting on? What has worked? What has changed?
Modify your home care taking into account any changes either in circumstances.

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 Listen to oral health coach LeighGS talk about Growing Smiles here. 

Book a video call to talk about your oral health and find out what you can do to prevent disease and help yourself have a healthier smile for life!

Learn more about us here. 

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