Find products that can help diabetics maintain good oral health. People who have diabetes know the disease can harm the eyes, nerves, kidneys, heart and other  systems in the body. Its the reason why your medical team monitor your health regularly.  Many diabetics are not aware that diabetes can also cause problems in your mouth. It is important to tell your dental team about your diabetes and your blood sugar levels. Diabetics are at increased risk of gum disease. Severe gum disease (periodontitis) can lead to pain, bad breath, gum abscesses and tooth loss.

Did you know there are some products specifically designed for diabetics? The AnOxident range of products have been developed to support oral health of diabetics. Diabetes may  cause the glucose level in your saliva to increase which is one of the reasons why the AnOxident range of oral care products was developed. Learn more about them on the product listing below.

Why do diabetics have oral health problems?

Diabetes can have both a direct and indirect impact on your mouth and oral health – its a two way process. Your blood sugars can affect your gum health and vice versa – your gum health can affect your blood sugars. Other problems diabetes can cause are dry mouth and a fungal infection called thrush.
Dry mouth happens when you do not have enough saliva so it is important to maintain hydration and take extra care with your oral care routines. Learn more about how to manage dry mouth problems here.  Diabetes can also slow down healing which can affect treatment of periodontal disease.

If your diabetes is not under control, you are more likely to develop problems in your
mouth.  By controlling your blood glucose, maintaining excellent oral hygiene, and visiting the dental team for regular support and oral health maintenance you can help prevent serious problems in your mouth.

As diabetics can have more problems with their oral health they should spend more time on their oral health care routine. Why not book a appointment with one of our oral health coaches to get personalised advice on how to maintain your oral health – for your overall health. Learn more.

The British Society of Periodontology have produced some excellent information on oral health and diabetes which can be found here.

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