Oralieve 360 Toothbrush


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The Oralieve 360 toothbrush is designed to clean multiple mouth surfaces at once. Ideal for anyone with dry mouth who finds a coating building up on the soft tissue in the mouth Рi.e. cheek, tongue, floor and roof of the mouth. It has soft bristles making it ideal for anyone with ulceration and soreness e.g. cancer patients. Perfect for applying dry mouth gels and supplementing oral  routine oral hygiene. When the mouth is sore and has broken tissues e.g. when ulcerated or raw, it is crucial for healing and to prevent infection that the mouth is kept scrupulously clean. This brush is perfect. Gentle on soft tissues yet effective to clean teeth.

Easy to hold and manipulate – even in small mouths or for someone unable to open their mouth wide.

Ideal for use by carers.

Use with toothpaste or dry mouth gel.  View our Dry mouth products





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