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Oralieve 360 Dry Mouth Toothbrush Adults and Kids


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The Oralieve 360 toothbrush is designed to clean multiple mouth surfaces at once. Ideal for anyone with a dry mouth who finds a coating building up on the soft tissue in the mouth – i.e. cheek, tongue, floor and roof of the mouth. It has extra soft bristles making it ideal for anyone with ulceration and soreness e.g. cancer patients. Perfect for applying dry mouth gels and supplementing basic oral hygiene. When the mouth is sore and has broken tissues e.g. when ulcerated or raw, it is crucial to keep the soft tissues clean and lubricated for healing and prevent infection. This brush is gentle on soft tissues yet effective at cleaning teeth.

If your mouth is sore or ulcerated choose a toothpaste which does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). SLS is a foaming agent which can irritate ulcerated or sore tissues. Oralieve ultra mild toothpaste or OraNurse non foaming flavour free are SLS free and also has the recommended amount of fluoride (1450ppm) to prevent tooth decay. Find out more about toothpastes that are SLS free here

The Oralieve 360 toothbrush  is easy to hold and manipulate – even in small mouths or for someone unable to open their mouth wide.

The 360 brush is a safe alternative to the foam sponges often used in hospital and residential care.  This brush was originally designed as a toothbrush but can be used for more than brushing teeth.  It can be used to massage dry mouth gel into the mouth as well as clean teeth with toothpaste. The 360 toothbrush has bristles on all sides and is very soft, making it
useful for cleaning the mouths of people with a very sore mouth.

Ideal for use by carers. Find out more about caring for someone else’s mouth in these great resources  by NHS Health Education England – Mouth Care Matters and Mini  Mouth Care Matters. These can be downloaded here.

Use with toothpaste or dry mouth gel.  View our Dry mouth products


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