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Pack of 3 forward focus replacement heads from Pikster. These heads fit any of the Piksters connect handles.

The forward focus brush is used to clean thoroughly where it is difficult to manoeuvre a  manual or electric toothbrush. It is also useful for partly erupted wisdom teeth, braces, implants and teeth that are crooked. It is designed to clean around the gum margin where plaque biofilm gathers.

Good to use around lone standing teeth – those that don’t have a tooth beside it or in contact with another tooth, around partially erupted wisdom teeth, tilted or crooked teeth, around fixed retention wires after orthodontic treatment etc. Overall a good size and brush density to clean difficult to reach areas. Use this along side the reverse focus tip if you have limited mouth opening, jaw problems that make access to back teeth with a normal sized toothbrush difficult. The brush surface is greater than the normal single tuft brush making it the perfect choice for full mouth cleaning when using a regular or electric toothbrush is not an option.

Great for cleaning around braces, retainers, splints, implant fixtures and other fiddly places to reach in your mouth!

Part of the Piksters connect system where the brush heads can be changed onto your favourite handle.

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