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Curaprox Prime Interdental Starter Kit


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The Curaprox prime interdental starter kit is available in 6 options. Each starter kit comes with a 2 LIFETIME HANDLES – one short for use at the front of your mouth the other long to reach the spaces between back teeth.

With these NEW Curaprox Prime interdental starter kits along with the  lifetime handles you can choose either a mixed pack of tips (one of each of the 5 sizes of brush tip) or 5 tips of your preferred size  All brush tips have ultrafine bristles with an umbrella effect attached  to surgical wire which attaches easily onto both the long or short handle. The lifetime brush handles help reduce plastic waste – better for the planet and your oral health.

CPS prime interdental brushes are available in 5 sizes. (TePe size colour in brackets for comparison)

CPS 06 Turquoise 0.6mm        (TePe Pink 0)

CPS 07 Red 0.7mm                 (TePe Orange 1)

CPS 08 Pink 0.8mm                 (TePe Red 2)

CPS 09 Yellow 0.9mm              (TePe Blue 3)

CPS 011 Lime Green 1.1mm    (TePe Yellow 4)

CPS SK- Mixed pack one of each of the above sizes.

Interdental cleaning is a key part of any daily oral hygiene routine. It is especially important if you are at risk of gum disease or developing cavities between your teeth. If you are new to interdental cleaning you may find the gums bleed – this is because bacteria in the plaque biofilm that gathers on teeth is irritating the gums and causing inflammation. Spit out and keep going! You will find this will stop with regularly interdental cleaning. Healthy gums don’t bleed! If your gums continue to bleed, in spite of your best efforts contact your dental team. Clean between teeth before brushing unless otherwise advised by your dental care team. This means that your toothpaste ingredients can reach all tooth surfaces  for maximum benefit.

Clean between teeth either before brushing or at a different time of day – it takes effort so try to fit it into your daily routine.

Use your interdental brushes dry or if high risk of tooth decay use a remineralising product on the brushes e.g. GC MI Paste plus

See our video on how to use interdental brushes here

Learn more about flossing and cleaning the tooth surfaces your toothbrush can’t reach here. 

More tips for happy teeth can be found here 

Gum health resources for patients by the British Society of Periodontology can be found here

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