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The Fatboy toothbrush is for those who need more grip. If you have been adapting a toothbrush handle to make it easier to grasp – e.g. arthritis, limited hand strength etc, this is for you. The Pikster handles have a ‘twist and swap’ function so you can use any of the Pikster brush heads on the handle including the pikster interdental brushes.  The PC-20Taper tip brush head has soft/medium tapered bristles for effective plaque biofilm removal around gums and teeth. Suitable for adults and children.


How to use – Use the toothbrush dry – no need to wet it or toothpaste. Most importantly this helps to feel where the bristles are cleaning – aim for around the gum margin. Clean every surface of all teeth. Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse – let the toothpaste stay around the teeth. This allows the ingredients to work best. Watch what you are doing when you are brushing – focus on cleaning thoroughly at nighttime and one other time each day rather than numerous quick brushings. Clean between your teeth every day – before brushing – that way the toothpaste gets onto the surfaces your toothbrush can’t reach.

More oral hygiene tips can be found here –

Why not take Time Out For Teeth with LeighGS – our unique online coaching tool to check up on your oral hygiene routine.

Part of the Piksters Connect System.

  • Feels good in the palm of your hand for improved grip and comfort.
  • Great for the elderly and those with painful joints, weak forearm muscles and other special needs.
  • Refill heads will be available (3 pack).
  • Versatile “twist and swap” multi-function handle.
  • Keep the handle and replace the head, save money and waste.
  • Weight 0.073 kg approx 2.3 oz

You can find the following Piksters connect products that will work with the Fatboy toothbrush –

Pikster interdental brushes

Replacement toothbrush heads

Forward focus replacement heads

Reverse focus replacement heads




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