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The Fatboy toothbrush is for those who need more grip. If you have been adapting a toothbrush handle to make it easier to grasp – e.g. arthritis, limited hand strength etc, this is for you. The Pikster handles have a ‘twist and swap’ function so you can use any of the Pikster brush heads on the handle including the pikster interdental brushes.  The PC-20Taper tip brush head has soft/medium tapered bristles for effective plaque biofilm removal around gums and teeth. Suitable for adults and children.


How to use – Use the toothbrush dry – no need to wet it or toothpaste. Most importantly this helps to feel where the bristles are cleaning – aim for around the gum margin. Clean every surface of all teeth. Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse – let the toothpaste stay around the teeth. This allows the ingredients to work best. Watch what you are doing when you are brushing – focus on cleaning thoroughly at nighttime and one other time each day rather than numerous quick brushings. Clean between your teeth every day – before brushing – that way the toothpaste gets onto the surfaces your toothbrush can’t reach.

More oral hygiene tips can be found here –

Why not take Time Out For Teeth with LeighGS – our unique online coaching tool to check up on your oral hygiene routine.

Part of the Piksters Connect System.

  • Feels good in the palm of your hand for improved grip and comfort.
  • Great for the elderly and those with painful joints, weak forearm muscles and other special needs.
  • Refill heads will be available (3 pack).
  • Versatile “twist and swap” multi-function handle.
  • Keep the handle and replace the head, save money and waste.
  • Weight 0.073 kg approx 2.3 oz

We will be extending our Pikster head range in the coming months so watch this space. If there is something in particular you would like us to look into please contact us.



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