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Dr Barman’s Superbrush – Adults and Children’s Toothbrush


This triple headed toothbrush is great for anyone with dexterity problems and for carers.

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This triple head brush cleans the outside, inside and biting surface of the teeth simultaneously. Many people struggle to clean each surface of every tooth effectively. If you have dexterity or mobility problems this brush can help you maintain good oral hygiene. The bristles automatically locate towards the crevice where the gum and teeth meet –where bacteria gather.

Use by placing the brush head on the teeth so it covers the biting inside and outside surfaces. Use a gentle scrubbing action – you aren’t cleaning the floor so don’t go too hard! Move around the mouth brushing all teeth. Spit the toothpaste out but don’t rinse afterwards, this allows you to gain the most from your toothpaste ingredients.

If you are a carer cleaning for someone else brush from behind – think of how the dentist works. Tilt head back slightly and use your arm to support the head and retract the lips and cheeks while brushing with the other hand. If you are cleaning for someone with poor swallow or gag reflex use a smear of toothpaste on the dry brush.

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Available pink, green, blue (shades may vary slightly from picture).

Compact size.

Video of how to use- http://drbarmans.com/superbrush/

Suitable for

Adults, Children

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