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Piksters Replacement Toothbrush Heads


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Pack of 3 Piksters Replacement Toothbrush Heads  that will fit any Piksters connect handle. Fatboy brush, Twin pack reverse/forward focus,  Forward focus brush, Reverse focus brush

Each of the three heads has a coloured band around the base – pink, yellow, blue.

Two sizes of toothbrush heads give you approximately 9 months use ( based on changing the head every 3 months) and a great way of reducing plastic waste – just replace the head rather than the whole brush – every little helps!

Refill heads Size PC-10. Soft bristles the PC 10 is designed for children, those with small mouths or limited opening. These can be attached to the Fatboy handle for those with additional needs offering independent brushing for those with grasp issues. (PC10 refill pack comes with a free brush cover)

Refill head size PC-20TT   These heads are the same size as teh head that is on the Fatboy handle. A head suitable for teenagers and adults. It is a similar size to the Sensodyne 3.5 manual toothbrush. See images for comparison with other manual toothbrushes. 

Replacement heads cut down on plastic waste.

Get the extra mileage from each brush head but rinsing it well after use and nipping the bristles together to reshape. Store upright out our contactc with other brushes.


Tooth brushing is the key part of any oral hygiene routine. Whether you choose to brush with a powered brush or manual brush brushing every surface of each tooth will remove around 60-70% of the plaque biofilm from the teeth. Ensure thorough cleaning around the gum margins where tooth and gum meet as this is the area where the bacteria in the plaque biofilm can irritate and cause bleeding  (inflammation). To clean the other 30- 30% of the plaque use some form of interdental cleaning. What is best depends on the size and shape of the space between teeth. You may need more than one tool to clean between teeth, or a variety of sizes. This is best assessed by your dental team or GS coach. Why not take Time Out for Teeth – our online oral health coaching service where a GS coach can help you identify what is best and easiest for you to use.



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Adults, Children

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