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Curaprox Velvet 12460 Toothbrush with 12460 Curen filaments 0.08mm is the latest super gentle brush from Curaden.

Incredible 12460filiments makes for extensive surface contact to disrupt and remove plaque biofilm, especially in the all important area along the gum line.

Gentle on enamel and root surfaces exposed from gum recession. super gentle on sore, ulcerated and thin gum tissue, this brush cleans gently yet effectively to maintain good oral health. Perfect for use during cancer therapy when the mouth may be sore and sensitive.

Use the Curaprox Velvet toothbrush with a non foaming (sodium lauryl sulphate/SLS free) toothpaste but with the right level of fluoride to prevent the risk of tooth decay developing – e.g. at least 1350pm fluoride. Remember to spit out after brushing but don’t rinse all the toothpaste. Use gentle alcohol free mouth rinse* at a different time to brushing last thing at night and one other time every day. (*or advised by your medical/dental team).


12,460 special Curen® filaments guarantee the smoothest Curaprox experience of all. For strong beautiful teeth and healthy gums… without enamel damage, without receding gums. This is your authentic smile. This is the real you.

To compare the bristle density see image gallery. Curaprox Velvet toothbrush 12460 v Ultrasoft 5460


– 12,460 ultra-fine Curen® filaments…

– … each just 0.08 mm in diameter

– The densely-packed Curen® filaments form a highly-efficient, uniquely gentle cleaning surface

– Slightly angled, compact brush head for optimal cleaning

– Octagonal handle to ensure you brush at the correct 45 degree cleaning angle

– 36 colour combinations

– Developed and manufactured in Switzerland


NB Colours and shades may vary.

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