Curaprox Hydrosonic Replacement Heads




Curaprox hydrosonic replacement heads for Curaprox hydrosonic toothbrushes.

Choose either –

Pack of 2  brush heads (sensitive) to fit the Curaprox hydrosonic pro electric toothbrush.

Pack of 2 single tuft heads to fit the Curaprox Hydrosonic pro electric toothbrush.

Curaprox hydrosonic replacement heads, like all toothbrush heads should be changed regularly. When the bristles splay out they won’t clean effectively – especially around the gum margin. Toothbrush heads may last as long as three months – but they may need to be replaced long before this. Taking care of your brush will help maintain its shape and effectiveness. Use the brush dry  to clean all surfaces of each tooth taking the time to brush around the gum line. Rinse the brush head out after use under cold running water to remove any toothpaste. Shake off the excess water and nip the bristles together to help maintain shape. Learn more about toothbrush hygiene here.

Brush teeth and gums every day. Last thing at night and one other time every day. Use your toothbrush dry with a pea sized blob of fluoride toothpaste. Spread the toothpaste over all teeth then brush each surface of all teeth. Using an electric toothbrush requires a different technique to using a manual toothbrush. Find out how to here. 



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