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It’s all in your head

World Mental Health Day – 10th October Your mental health can have an impact on your overall health, including the health of your mouth. Those suffering from poor mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, often engage in activities or use coping mechanisms that can impact oral health negatively such as: Smoking Using alcohol …

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Love Your Teeth with All of Your Heart – and Vice Versa!

World Heart Day 29th Sept Cardiovascular disease affects the heart or blood vessels and is the world’s number one killer, resulting in 18.6 million deaths a year. Studies suggest that people with poor oral health, such as gum disease or tooth loss, are more likely to have cardiovascular problems such a heart attack or stroke, …

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Back to school, but what’s for lunch?

After a, shall we say, ‘interesting’, start to the year it’s finally time for many of our little ones to get back to school. You’ve got the uniform bought, read, re read and discussed all communications from school about what the new normal will look like. Have you thought about break and lunchtime? Learn more …

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Avoid COVID-19 by Staying LipZipped

Blog post by Tim Ives, Dental hygienist and co founder LipZip.net Nose breathing is our first line of defence against inhalation of micro-organisms. Given the current COVID-19 global focus on face masks in order to prevent the spread of infection, I believe what is more important is the way we breathe when we are wearing …

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Don’t forget your dentures!

We all know it’s important to clean our real teeth, but what about if we have dentures? Well – plaque biofilm develops on ALL surfaces in your mouth, INCLUDING on the surfaces of appliances, such as dentures, making it equally important to look after your dentures as you would your teeth. After all, we use …

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