Is it mint to be?

Mint is the preferred flavour of toothpaste for many across the UK. It’s the go-to, expected flavour of toothpaste, largely due to the association between mint and fresh breath, and frankly, you will be hard-pushed to find ‘adult’ toothpaste of another flavour. But that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent… Here, at Growing Smiles, clients and customers …

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Have you got a grip on your toothbrushing?

Who knew that the way you hold your toothbrush can affect your mouth care 1st. Which hand do you brush with?  Right handed people most commonly miss the inside surfaces and gumline of the bottom right teeth as well as the top right i-tooth/canine at the corner of the mouth.Left handed? It’s the opposite side …

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It’s all in your head

World Mental Health Day – 10th October Your mental health can have an impact on your overall health, including the health of your mouth. Those suffering from poor mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, often engage in activities or use coping mechanisms that can impact oral health negatively such as: Smoking Using alcohol …

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Love Your Teeth with All of Your Heart – and Vice Versa!

World Heart Day 29th Sept Cardiovascular disease affects the heart or blood vessels and is the world’s number one killer, resulting in 18.6 million deaths a year. Studies suggest that people with poor oral health, such as gum disease or tooth loss, are more likely to have cardiovascular problems such a heart attack or stroke, …

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The Pros and Cons of Sucking ‘Something’!


Finger, thumb or dummy sucking is a common childhood habit. Sucking is a natural reflex for a baby, which can often be seen in the womb during development sucking their thumb. Some babies will suck a finger or thumb, a dummy/pacifier or some other object. It gives your baby comfort and, as they grow, it …

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