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Don’t forget your dentures!

We all know it’s important to clean our real teeth, but what about if we have dentures? Well – plaque biofilm develops on ALL surfaces in your mouth, INCLUDING on the surfaces of appliances, such as dentures, making it equally important to look after your dentures as you would your teeth. After all, we use …

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Ditch the Dummy

Image Showing Dummy Use

Guest blog post by early years development coach/speech & language therapist Joanne Jones Why Ditch the Dummy? Dummies have their place. They are useful to soothe newborn babies, reduce pain, stabaliseheart rates and organise movements. There is some evidence to suggest they reduce the risk of SIDS in the first months of life.During the first …

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Order, ORDER! What order to Clean your Teeth

dental products on a red background showing you the order you should clean your teeth

Parliament may be dissolved in the run up to the election, so in the absence of a speaker you can rely on Growing Smiles to get your mouth in order!  Many daily tasks and activities are done in a specific order. This may be due to a technical reason that a task should be conducted …

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The Problems with Sucking

Guest blog from multi award winning Jo Bates, the mastermind behind Thumbsie. Sucking is a natural source of comfort for children; sucking on thumbs, fingers and dummies makes babies and young children feel secure and happy.  Children often suck their thumb or finger right from birth and there are even images of babies sucking digits in …

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My orthodontic adventure with Oral Health Coach LeighGS


Many people are looking to adult orthodontics (braces) to improve their smile. This may not have been an option when younger or teeth may have moved with age. Follow LeighGS orthodontic adventure here on the blog or please subscribe to our Youtube Channel / Facebook Page for regular updates. My orthodontic adventure with LeighGS – …

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The Pros and Cons of Sucking ‘Something’!


Finger, thumb or dummy sucking is a common childhood habit. Sucking is a natural reflex for a baby, which can often be seen in the womb during development sucking their thumb. Some babies will suck a finger or thumb, a dummy/pacifier or some other object. It gives your baby comfort and, as they grow, it …

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