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Have you ever noticed the Easter Bunny’s teeth?

Toothtastic Easter tips inside…

With Easter just around the corner, let’s stop and think for a moment about the state of the Easter Bunny’s teeth. A little long in the tooth, perhaps, but we at Growing Smiles have never seen an Easter bunny with anything other than clean and fresh pearly whites.

Happy Easter - bunny sitting on the grass with toothpaste basket beside it

So, what’s the secret?

The Easter Bunny doesn’t necessarily consume what is being delivered. In recent years, the Easter Bunny has also become wise to tooth decay and has shared some great tips and advice with Growing Smiles…

The Easter Bunny doesn’t HAVE to deliver treats in an edible form! Some families request that the Easter Bunny brings a different type of Easter gift, for example a book, a day out or a game. A fun Easter Activity can include hard boiling an egg and painting/decorating it. 

We know that most children look forward to chocolate eggs at Easter (many adults too), and would like to remind you that chocolate isn’t the worst sweet treat, particularly if eaten at meal times for example, straight after lunch, when the teeth will be exposed to an acid attack ANYWAY. Sticky sweets and even dried fruit such as raisins are known for being worse for teeth than chocolate. This is because they have a tendency to stick to the teeth and hang around for longer.

The Easter Bunny has also, over the years, taken to offering Dr John’s sugar-free Xylitol & Erythritol lollipops which are GOOD for the teeth, helping reduce the risk of tooth decay. These lollipops are shaped just like a tooth…or perhaps, the tooth of an Easter bunny (!), and are available in a range of flavours. The xylitol is great for humans, but can make dogs very poorly, so we remind you to please keep these lollies away from your furry friends.

Whatever happens this Easter, remember we are all human. Chocolatey Easter treats aren’t the end of the world, particularly if consumed in moderation and at meal times. The worst thing to do is to graze on sweet treats all day. Keep water to hand to help rinse and clear the mouth. 

When is Best to Brush?

At Growing Smiles, we recommend you brush your teeth twice a day, the most important time being before bed and also, another time of the day (most people choose when they get up) using a fluoride toothpaste, such as BioMinF which offers 12 HOUR PROTECTION for your teeth! This toothpaste has options suitable for both adults and children (including fluoride free) and we can’t recommend it enough. Perhaps, a treat for teeth this Easter…?

So what’s on our wishlist from the Easter Bunny? A chocolate egg (yes, we are human here at Growing Smiles), xylitol & erythritol lollipops and BioMinF, for an enjoyable Easter, with an element of self-care thrown in. Happy Easter!

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