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Suffering from dry mouth? You don’t have to!  

There are treatments available… Dry mouth affects a large proportion of adults in the U.K. The impact can vary from a minor inconvenience to incredibly painful, causing issues with swallowing, eating and speaking – often the impact is dependent on the cause. Causes of dry mouth can include some medications, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, anxiety, mouth breathing, …

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Seasonal Allergies?

Stuffed up, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, sinus headache? Sound’s like seasonal allergies. The joys of summer aren’t the same for everyone and hay fever can spoil the best of being outdoors. It can also affect your oral health, increasing your risk of bad breath, tooth decay and bleeding gums. Summer sees pollen from trees, grasses …

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Did you rush when you brushed this morning?

2 minutes is a lonnnnnnggggg time! A lot longer than we think. Have you ever tried timing yourself? Or gotten to the end of the timer on an electric toothbrush? Morning routines can be action packed, with tooth brushing just another box to tick on route to the day ahead. Where does your oral health …

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