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What’s your number?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how healthy do you think your mouth is – 1 being pretty darn awful and 10 being blooming brilliant? It’s a hard one to guesstimate and anyway, what would you do with that number? A bit of a pat on the back or a ‘must try harder’?

Growing Smiles is delighted to collaborate with PreVisor to offer ‘MyDentalScore’ FREE to Growing Smiles followers. MyDentalScore is a comprehensive risk assessment tool for your oral health.

Are you fed up always needing fillings or having gum problems? Are you having a hard time trying to achieve oral health for yourself or someone you care for? Is it time to TAKE CONTROL of your oral health and get your mouth in shape? If you feel that it’s time to work out WHY and not just WHAT is wrong with your teeth, gums or mouth in general, then completing MyDentalScore is a good place to start. 

To access, click here, which will take you to the Growing Smiles page where you will find another link to open MyDentalScore in a new window. Work through the questions to get an insight into your oral health. You can complete this for yourself or someone you care for e.g. your child. A traffic light system is used to create a visual indicator of your oral health risk. You can print off the results or email them to yourself.

This resource is similar to that used in dental practice to gather information to assess your oral health risk. Your dental team will use this information alongside your oral examination, to offer advice and treatment options best suited to your individual situation.

So you’ve completed MyDentalScore – now what?

We suggest you use the results as a focus for taking Time Out For Teeth with Oral Health Coach LeighGS.

Do you want to prevent cavities, bleeding gums and help yourself have a healthier smile for life? Find out more and book a session to Take Time out For YOUR Teeth here. LeighGS will help you understand your Dental Score and help you take control of your oral health.

You can learn more about oral health and disease by reading the information in the library attached to MyDentalScore. You can also share your results with your dental team. Get your number today and take control of your mouth with Growing Smiles and MyDentalScore! 

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