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Oral Health Coaching Session

I recently had an online consultation with Leigh. I felt comfortable asking her questions about my concerns. She has a positive outlook and the knowledge and expertise to ease my worries. She was able to help me on handling my electric toothbrush and recommended some products I would not be able to get otherwise, which …

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Time well spent with Leigh from Growing Smiles

Growing Smiles has been a really positive experience for me. I’ve learnt so much from Leigh and was surprised how little I knew about my oral health. I was always led to believe that “brushing twice a day” was enough and although I’m sure it’s a good start there is other simple things I could …

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GS Helped me ask my Dental Team for the Correct Treatment

I have a fixed appliance on my lower teeth, there was staining from tea on the glue and I hadn’t got my teeth descaled since the appliance was fitted a year and a half ago, it was really annoying me. Before I had my GS consultation I asked if I could get my teeth cleaned …

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Learning the Importance of Flossing

Thanks to Growing smiles I’m taking much better care of my teeth – and feel the benefits of the extra effort! I flossed before but hadn’t realised that I didn’t do it right What a great idea – I just didn’t realise my mouth was so important to my health. I was able to ask …

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A Positive Coaching Session with Growing Smiles

My experience of GS was very positive. Just having a better understanding of what the dentist is checking for, why certain things like dental cleaning are important and how my mouth works in regards to eating and drinking gave me motivation to make more effort and a feeling of control in my oral health that …

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