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A Positive Coaching Session with Growing Smiles

My experience of GS was very positive. Just having a better understanding of what the dentist is checking for, why certain things like dental cleaning are important and how my mouth works in regards to eating and drinking gave me motivation to make more effort and a feeling of control in my oral health that I had not experienced before. The whole approach was relaxed and felt personal to me. I love the partnership involved in the process opposed to lying in a chair while someone looks around your mouth and doesn’t say a word to you about what is going on in there. Although it is not a replacement for visiting your dentist I feel it will make a big difference to how I feel on future visits. I am more knowledgeable about my oral health and just being able to understand what is happening and what the dentist is talking about makes the whole experience less unpleasant. I would most definitely recommend GS to others.

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