Time well spent with Leigh from Growing Smiles

Growing Smiles has been a really positive experience for me. I’ve learnt so much from Leigh and was surprised how little I knew about my oral health. I was always led to believe that “brushing twice a day” was enough and although I’m sure it’s a good start there is other simple things I could be doing. Leigh showed me even the simplest things like how to brush my teeth the best way for my mouth to get the most out of my general and oral health. I saw Leigh only two weeks after visiting with my own dentist and now realise how little time you get to discuss your needs fully with a dentist like being able to see with Leigh’s intraoral camera how much plague was building up on my teeth and she was able to recommend that I see a hygienist which she helped me arrange. I feel so much better informed about my oral health now and will definitely be recommending Leigh to others.

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