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A Great Family Coaching Session

Our GS appointment was very positive and relaxed. Our two children aged 4 & 5 really enjoyed it, unlike their usual visits to the dentist, they actually let Leigh look in their mouths. They also now have more understanding of the importance of brushing twice a day and not snacking or drinking anything other than water between meals. I gained far more of an understanding about how things work in my mouth and how to care for and prevent problems. I was surprised how little I actually knew. It’s always been the case of treat a problem as it arises by a visit to the dentist and hope that regular check ups and brushing after every meal could reduce my risk of decay. By making small changes to my dental hygiene routine I feel I’m giving my teeth and gums much better care. I am much more conscious of the way I brush and floss to ensure a maximum clean. It has also given me peace of mind, now that we as a family are more informed, we can reduce or hopefully eliminate the risk of cavities, in conjunction with our regular dental check ups. I have and will be recommending Growing Smiles to friend’s family.

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