Sonic cleaner for retainers, orthodontic appliances, mouthguards, dentures etc – cordless


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Cordless Sonic Appliance Cleaner  – uses 2 AA batteries (included),  5 minutes to clean, freshen and brighten dental appliances e..g orthodontic appliances and retainers, aligners, mouthguards, clench inhibitors, nightguards, dentures etc

Suitable for all plastic dentures, metal dentures,orthodontic appliances and removable bridges.

Also includes 2 Retainer Brite cleaning tablets for use in the cleaner (Retainer bright refills available here )

Suction cup on base stops unit moving when operated.

Sonic vibrations up to 6500 waves per minute

Use with any denture/retainer cleaner or water

Can also be used to clean jewellery.

All dental appliances and dentures should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to reduce risk of infection and bad breath.

When to use – night and morning unless advised by your dental professional or GS coach. Remember to thoroughly clean teeth and the soft tissues underneath the appliance/denture. Store in a suitable container or as advised by your dental team.

This unit produces a sonic wave that agitates the cleaning solution greatly enhancing its efficiency. This gentle action makes it ideal for cleaning all dental appliances.

If heavily stained or tartar has built up ask your dental team – they will be able to remove calcified deposits which will make it easier for you to maintain at home.

Use daily  as part of usual oral hygiene routine as advised by your dental professional or Growing Smiles coach. Not sure how? Take  Time Out For Teeth with Growing Smiles and find out how best to look after your mouth and appliance.

Consider using a denture brush or toothbrush to help remove food debris and plaque biofilm.

How to use 

Rinse appliance with water (or as advised) and place in sonic bath

Fill appliance cleaner bath with hand hot water to cover appliance

Add cleaning tablet  if using (Retainer brite, Oral appliance care) – follow instructions for tablets used

Switch  on sonic cleaner and run for 5 minutes minimum

Remove appliance and rinse with clean water

Store as advised by your dental professional e.g. oral care box with holes to allow air to circulate

Discard solution and wash hands

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