Curaprox Orthodontic Toothbrush – for braces


*Please note – bristle colours may vary



This toothbrush has a groove which fits around the brace bracket and archwire to promote effective cleaning for those wearing braces, keeping teeth and gums healthy. The 5,460 CUREN® filaments clean brackets, teeth and gums gently and carefully.

How to use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uf3PvEK-3c&t=6s

Place the toothbrush bristles towards the gum margins and gently ‘wiggle’ the bristles to clean the groove where the gum and tooth meet and around braces.Use the brush dry with a pea sized blob of fluoride toothpaste. Watch in a mirror for accurate placement of bristles of each surface of all teeth. Spit out after but do not rinse.It will take longer than the recommended 2 minutes to clean when wearing an orthodontic appliance.

If you have been advised to use a mouth rinse – use it at a different time of day to brushing.

Brush at night time and in the morning at least or as advised by a dental professional.

For more tips visit https://growingsmiles.co.uk/healthy-tips/

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Colour  and or shade may vary



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