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Eco friendly floss picks made from biodegradable corn and packaged in an eco-friendly box. Pack of 50 Dental Floss Picks

Vegan friendly and animal cruelty free. BPA free.

If this is your cleaning between tool of choice why not make it eco friendly? These Pure Essentials corn environmentally friendly floss picks reach tight spaces to remove food debris and disrupt the plaque biofilm on tooth surfaces your toothbrush can’t reach.

Daily interdental cleaning is key for oral health. It helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay and also promotes fresh breath. The gold standard for cleaning the surfaces your toothbrush can’t reach are interdental brushes where there is space to fit. This may not work for you – you may not like the sensation or have the room to use them. Whatever the reason you may prefer these Eco friendly floss picks and some form of interdental cleaning is always preferable to no interdental cleaning. Can’t use something directly between teeth? Try a Waterflosser.

The bottom line? You need to regularly and effectively disrupt and remove the bacterial plaque biofilm at a level that keeps YOUR mouth healthy, without doing any harm to the hard (tooth) or soft (gum) tissues.  For some people this will mean cleaning between once or more times a day. For others it may be a couple of times a week. This varies depending on your risk of a disease/condition developing now. Our risk changes throughout life – learn more by taking Time Out for Your Teeth with a Growing Smiles oral health coach. Find out more and book here.

Find out more about interdental cleaning – flossing – cleaning the surfaces your toothbrush bristles can’t reach here. 

Use daily before brushing or at a different time. Use a fluoride toothpaste and toothbrush to clean all surfaces of every tooth and around the gum line. Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse all the paste away – let the fluoride work for longer.


Pure Earth Essentials

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