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Woobamboo Biodegradable Floss


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Woobamboo biodegradable floss offers 20m of  biodegradeable silk floss made from 3 ingredients: Natural Silk, Beeswax, and Natural mint flavour. 

Ingredients: Silk, Beeswax coating, Natural mint flavoring (derived from Spearmint Oil, Cornmint Oil, Menthol, and Anethole.)

The silk is a derivative of silkworms. The methods used to obtain the silk are completely cruelty free. The silk is naturally produced without harming the worms. Because of this process, it is considered to be Ahimsa (Peace) Silk. The packaging is made from plant-based material that is commercially compostable

Zero Waste package also acts as the dispenser! Once purchased, users can tear off the hang tab, thread the floss, use and repeat. Used floss and the entirety of the packaging is safe for disposal in the landfill or in a home compost bin; leaving no toxic trace!

About the Packaging: This 100% biodegradable / home compostable box is plastic-free and ready to rock n’ roll, made of post-consumer recycled paper and is coated in an eco-friendly aqueous coating that, too, breaks down completely in nature leaving no toxic trace! The sachet that keeps the floss spool sanitary is made from wood pulp and is also 100% biodegradable / home compostable.

Flossing cleans surfaces not reached by a toothbrush i.e in between your teeth. Make interdental cleaning part of your daily routine for oral health and fresh breath. Floss is ideal if you have tight contact between teeth and little space for interdental brushes. Struggling with string floss? Consider a Waterflosser.  Use BEFORE toothbrushing so that when you brush all the ingredients in your toothpaste access all surfaces. Remember to spit out after brushing but don’t rinse all the paste away afterwards. Using a mouthwash? Use at a different time of day to brushing unless advised by your dental team. Fin out how to care for your mouth, teeth and gums here. 

Ask your dental team to demonstrate how to use effectively and check that floss will be the most effective oral hygiene aid for your mouth.  Contact us for personalised oral health advise www.growingsmiles.co.uk/contact

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