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TePe Manual Adult Toothbrush


Manual toothbrush with flat trim round ended filaments. The professionals recommended manual brush design.

*Please note – Colours may vary and if colour choice is unavailable please contact us and we will check if/when it will be available

*Tepe Mini currently out of stock

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Like all TePe products the TePe Manual Adult toothbrush has been developed in collaboration with dental experts and are efficient, durable and user-friendly. TePe manual toothbrushes are easy to hold, have flat-trimmed, round-ended bristles/filaments and tapered head for ease of access.

TePe Manual Adult Toothbrush  is available with x-soft, soft or medium filaments. Three head sizes are available, select, compact and mini.  Select is ideal for adults and young people. The compact is for adults who prefer a smaller brush head and is often the size recommended by dental hygienists for precise, effective plaque biofilm removal. The mini is ideal for those who have limited opening or a gag reflex, and also is suitable for young children.

For kids have a look at the TePe kids brushes with printed handles https://growingsmiles.co.uk/shop/tepe-manual-toothbrush-kids/– great for encouraging children to brush/have their teeeth brushed.

The select and compact brushes come in x-soft, soft and medium.

All TePe Toothbrush handles can be angled for better access. Heat under hot running water, adjust neck and cool in cold water.

Colour/shades may vary from image.

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TePe brush handles can be bent to suit your needs.

How to bend TePe handle:

  1. Heat brush neck under hot running water.
  2. Bend to desired angle.
  3. Cool under cold running water.



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