Sonic Spa Pro with Steribrite®


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Ultrasonic & UV-C Dental Appliance Cleaner

The Sonic Spa Pro with Steribrite® lets you experience a new level in dental hygiene.  Engineered with recycled plastics and cutting-edge ultrasonic and U.V technologies, you can now get clinical-grade cleaning from the comfort of your home – in just 3 minutes. Aligners, trays, retainers? Finally we have found a great sonic cleaner that does actually remove plaque biofilm from your appliance. For best results use with Sonic Dental cleansing tablets. 

See our test drive of the Sonic Spa Pro with Steribrite here.

Choose between Black or White

The Sonic Spa Pro comes with 6 Sonic Dental Cleaning Tablets.

  • Clinical grade cleaning at home without the need for scrubbing or brushing
  • 43,000 Hz Ultrasonic cleaning technology
  • UV light destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and pathogens
  • Sparkling clean, odour and bacteria-free in 3 minutes.


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