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Plaque Glo Disclosing toothpaste and torch system helps show up plaque biofilm on tooth surfaces. Areas regularly missed can increase risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Adult option no longer available

Plaque GLO contains a plaque stain which is only visible under the supplied blue light torch. This highlights areas where you can improve your brushing technique.

Kids Magic Tropical

Improve your tooth brushing technique without the down side of blue/red staining.


How to use – BRUSH as you usually do using Plaque Glo toothpaste.
RINSE  with water  USE THE BLUE LIGHT TORCH while looking in a mirror to see where you have missed. Remaining plaque will illuminate when exposed to the light.

Use a little mouth mirror to check behind your teeth and at the back

BRUSH with a fluoride toothpaste to remove remaining plaque biofilm – spit out but DON’T RINSE this time to allow the fluoride toothpaste to work for longer making the surfaces stronger and more resistant to sugar and acid attack.

Can be used to check both interdental (cleaning between teeth with floss, brushes etc) and toothbrushing. `

Growing Smiles recommends using Plaque Glo Disclosing toothpaste and torch regularly to check effectiveness of plaque biofilm control.

For effective oral hygiene and plaque biofilm control – 

Clean in between teeth before brushing unless otherwise advised.

Brush last thing at night and one other time every day – best advised by your dental team or Growing Smiles coach. Why not take Time Out For Teeth with LeighGS   – our unique online coaching tool.

Use a pea sized amount of Fluoride toothpaste  – spread around all tooth surfaces on a dry brush then brush every surface of each tooth – outside, inside and biting surfaces – it will take at least 2 minutes to clean thoroughly. Watch in a mirror to improve brushing. Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse – let the toothpaste work its magic for longer.

Check out our technique video here.

Learn more about oral health on our tips pages here. 

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