OHP 1450 Fluoride Toothpaste

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Mild mint paste for children and adults



OHP 1450 Fluoride Toothpaste is a very mild mint flavoured  toothpaste with 1450ppm fluoride. 75mls

The major dental conditions of tooth decay,  gum disease and acid erosion can be reduced by regular toothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste.

Scientific evidence suggests that the preventive action of toothbrushing can be maximised if the following principles are followed:
• brushing should start as soon as the first baby tooth erupts
• brushing should occur twice daily as a minimum – clean teeth last thing at night before bed and at least one other time each day
• children under three years should use a toothpaste containing no less than 1,000ppm fluoride
• children under three years should use no more than a smear of toothpaste (a thin film of paste covering less than 3/4 of the brush) and must not be allowed to eat or lick toothpaste from the tube
• family fluoride toothpaste (1,350-1,500 parts per million fluoride – ppmF) is indicated for maximum decay control for all children except those who cannot be prevented from eating toothpaste.  An adult should assist /supervise toothbrushing to be sure the correct amount of toothpaste is used.
• children between three and six years should use no more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste
• children need to be helped or supervised by an adult when brushing until at least seven years of age and must not be permitted to eat or lick toothpaste from the tube
• rinsing with lots of water after brushing should be discouraged – spitting out excess toothpaste is preferable
• rinsing with water, mouthwashes or mouth rinses (including fluoride rinses) immediately after toothbrushing will wash away the concentrated fluoride in the remaining toothpaste, thus diluting it and
reducing its preventive effects.

OHP 1450 Fluoride Toothpaste Ingredients – see image.

More healthy tips for happy teeth can be found here.

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OHP 1000 ppm Fluoride 50mls

OHP Family 1450 ppm Fluoride 100mls

OHP Free – SLS free, Paraben Free and Flavour Free with 1450ppm Fluoride 50mls  

See image gallery for ingredients.

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13 reviews for OHP 1450 Fluoride Toothpaste

  1. 5 out of 5


    This toothpaste is my little girl’s favorite. It is nice, has a pleasant minty taste and it is really good in protecting teeth between meals. The order process was really efficient and friendly; i spoke with a Growing Smiles assistant through chat and she really helped with my needs. So, I am really satisfied.

    • Geoff Hunter

      We are glad your daughter really likes the toothpaste. Thank you for your very positive comments. Much appreciated.
      Geoff GS

  2. 5 out of 5


    The only toothpaste my little boys will use with a very mild minty taste. To top it off i had a fantastic shopping experience with growing smiles, receiving my items 2 days after I ordered them….. thank you

    • Geoff Hunter

      Hi there we are so pleased your little boys like the OHP toothpaste. Thank you for your very positive feedback about our service. It’s lovely to hear these comments. I wonder if you would be happy to permit us to use your feedback in our marketing plans for the future? thanks once again.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  3. 5 out of 5


    My Grandson received this toothpaste from school one day and liked it. Getting him to brush his teeth is always difficult as he says he doesn’t like toothpaste, so being able to purchase more of the one he did like has been a saviour. It arrives quickly too. Many thanks.

    • Geoff Hunter

      Hi there we are so glad your grandson has found a toothpaste he likes. Thank you for your very positive feedback. We hope you would be happy to allow us to use your testimonial in our marketing promotions. Thank you for your interest and custom. Geoff (Sales Manager)

  4. 5 out of 5


    Absolutely brilliant service, so so pleased to find your site as this is t he only toothpaste my autistic son will tolerate, we have not found any other and apart from eBay where it costs a fortune I have been unable to buy the toothpaste. So thank you very much. Life has been made a little easier..

    • Geoff Hunter

      Great, we are very glad that your son has taken a liking to this product. It is a popular product. Thank you for your positive feedback.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  5. 5 out of 5


    My son like it and reject all others products
    It seems to be the best

    • Geoff Hunter

      So pleased your son likes this product. It is very popular. Thank you for your very positive feedback.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  6. 5 out of 5


    Very mild taste – which is precisely what we were looking for as our son is particularly sensitive to tastes and makes a great fuss about brushing his teeth because if this. The only toothpaste he has used without complaint has been another OHP one (which we got free from the dentist) but can’t find it on sale anywhere! This is the first time I’ve managed to find somewhere to buy an OHP toothpaste from – and its great. Not identical to the one from the dentist, but so much less push-back that I’m about to order some more!

    • Geoff Hunter

      We are really glad that you find this product so helpful. Hopefully your son will continue to benefit from OHP. Thank you for your positive feedback. We value your custom.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  7. 5 out of 5


    It’s the only toothpaste my daughter likes! I tried a few other ones and this one they use in her nursery class – she asked for it and brushing teeth isn’t (as much) a drama anymore.

    • Geoff Hunter

      We are so happy your daughter has taken a liking to Ohp and that teeth cleaning is no longer traumatic! Thanks for your positive feedback.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  8. 5 out of 5


    We have been using OHP toothpaste for 3 years and my boys love it. They refuse to use any other toothpaste. Thank you!

    • Geoff Hunter

      We are so glad your children are really fond of this product. It is very popular. Thank you for the very positive feedback. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  9. 5 out of 5


    My grandson will only use this toothpaste as they use it at nursery so glad it can be bought for him
    Very quick delivery

    • Geoff Hunter

      We are so glad your grandson Likes the OHP toothpaste. It is very popular Thank you for such a positive review.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  10. 5 out of 5


    This is the only toothpaste my young children will use. So pleased to have found it again after searching for it for ages. Quick delivery too. Many Thanks.

    • Geoff Hunter

      Hi Paul we are really happy you are pleased with this product. Thank you for such a positive review. We look forward to doing further business with you in the future.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  11. 5 out of 5

    Tracey Clayton

    My kids absolutely love this toothpaste and wont brush there teeth if there is none left tried them with different toothpaste but no has to be this would recommend this to all children

    • leigh Hunter

      Thanks for the great feedback. Glad your kids like the toothpaste. It makes it so much easier to get them to brush thoroughly night and morning. Remind them to spit out after brushing but don’t go rinsing all the toothpaste off. That way the fluoride gets to work for longer. 🙂

  12. 5 out of 5

    Jill Fitzpatrick

    This is the only toothpaste my nephew will use so thank you thank you thank you Growing Smiles for having it in stock to send to us! 🙂

    • Geoff Hunter

      Hi thank you for your very positive comments. We are very glad to supply this toothpaste to you.
      Geoff (GS Sales Manager)

  13. 5 out of 5

    Sean Cruickshank

    My son is sensitive to the mint flavour and would struggle brushing his teeth but now it makes life a lot easier.

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