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Babysonic Toothbrush Heads from Brush-Baby 18-36 months


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Pack of 4  replacement heads for Brush-Baby Babysonic toothbrush.  These BabySonic Toothbrush Heads are suitable for children 18-36 months to fit the Brush-Baby BabySonic toothbrush.

Replace toothbrush heads regularly, when the bristles start to splay out. They aren’t doing their job properly! This can be quite frequent with childrens brushes! After brushing rinse the toothbrush head under running water and shake off excess water. Nip the bristles together to help keep the shape. Store out of contact with other toothbrushes. It is a good idea after illness to replace the toothbrush head.

Start brushing as soon as the first tooth appears in the mouth. Brushing from the start gets your little one used to the sensation of toothbrushing and helps develop good oral hygiene habits. Making it part of their normal bath time routine really helps. Use a smear of fluoride toothpaste (at least 1000ppm fluoride). If your child is at increased risk of tooth decay  e.g. takes frequent medication, has special needs or uses sugar sweetened drinks such as some soya formulations, use a toothpaste containing at least 1350ppm fluoride. Fluoride hardens the tooth surfaces making them more resistant to sugar and acid attack. Learn about reading food labels and spotting where sugar has been added here

Encourage your child to drink water and milk only. Children are not born with a sweet tooth so while food and drinks may taste bland to you, they will not to your child. Find out more about healthy eating here.

Toothbrushing should be done last thing at night and one other time EVERY day. Children are unable to brush every surface of all teeth on their own until they are 7 or 8 years old so an adult is responsible for brushing and helping brush as they grow.

Children should visit the dentist regularly and have had their first dental check by their first birthday. This will get them used to the environment and is an opportunity for you to get advice about looking after your child’s oral health. Tooth decay is largely preventable! Find out how you can help your child’s growing smile to stay healthy by reading our tips and blog posts here.

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