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How to Know your Teeth are Clean – Feel the Clean!

Do you ever think ‘my teeth don’t feel clean?’ Time to try dry toothbrushing! You may be brushing but are you cleaning the teeth and gums? One does not always = the other. How can you tell? We want you to FEEL the clean! Take a dry toothbrush – yes totally dry. NO water, NO toothpaste, NO tap! Brush a couple of teeth – outside, inside, biting surface. Aim the bristles at the gum margin – think of how bristles on a nail brush splay to clean under the nail – FEEL the bristles at the gum line gently, (harder is NOT better). Now – stop and run your tongue around your teeth. Can you feel the difference between the teeth you have cleaned and the ones you haven’t? SLOW DOWN, TAKE YOUR TIME AND FEEL THE CLEAN! Work your way round all teeth surfaces. This is a great way to brush up your toothbrushing technique. When you are done pop a pea sized blob of fluoride toothpaste on your brush and brush again. Spit out after but don’t rinse all the paste away. Let the fluoride work for longer. Think cleanse then moisturise! 🙂

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