Curaprox Black is White Ultra soft Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set

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Black Is White Curaprox whitening toothpaste removes discolouration using activated carbon without abrading or bleaching.

Refreshingly lemony and includes a limited edition Black Is White CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush.

The toothpaste has 950 ppm fluoride and 15000 ppm hydroxylapatite to help remineralise enamel and seal exposed dentine helping to reduce sensitivity. 90mls

Plus: Physical blue filter; cooling sensation while brushing.

RDA 59. No SLS. No triclosan. No bleaching agents. No plastic particles. 90ml

Can be used as a regular toothpaste without any limitations.

Made in Switzerland.

Use a pea sized blob on a dry brush. Spread the paste around teeth then brush every surface of each tooth. Spit out but don’t rinse to maximise the benefits of the active ingredients.

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