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Parent-child Toothbrush for big hands brushing little teeth!


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This parent-child toothbrush is oral health coach LeighGS top pick for an adult to brush a child’s teeth. A handle for a grown up and small brush head for a little mouth and tiny teeth!

Brushing a small child’s teeth can be a bit of a challenge. Need advice on the easiest way to brush? Why not take Time Out For Teeth with oral health coach LeighGS and get some great tips for teeny tiny teeth care!

This brush is the Curaprox ATA (Atraumatic Total Access) brush – which just about sums it up for any parent who wants to ensure good oral hygiene practice from the sign of the first tooth erupting into the mouth.

Reverse of brush head has a surface to massage gums and clean the tongue.

Children don’t have the dexterity to brush their own teeth until they are around 7-8 years old. Even after this age they will need to be supported and assisted. During the period of baby teeth beng lost and permanent teeth erupting it can be really hard to clean thoroughly. Use a smear (under 3) or pea sized blob of fluoride toothpaste to brush every surface of each tooth and along the gum line. Brush last thing at night and one other time every day. After brushing don’ rinse all the toothpaste away. This lets the fluoride work for longer,  hardening tooth surfaces which will help prevent tooth decay and tooth wear.

What toothpaste to use? Look at our toothpaste guide. Choose a child toothpaste here.

Daily toothbrushing is just one part of an oral care routine to help protect growing smiles. Keeping sugary food and drink to mealtimes only and avoiding these before bed is a key part of preventing cavities. Also regular dental checks. Your dental team will advise you how often but aim for the first dental check by your child’s first birthday.

Download the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry’s guide for looking after children’s teeth here.

Why not book an oral health coaching session and get personalised advise to help your child’s growing smiles. Book here.

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