OHP Interdental Brushes (8 in pack)


OHP interdental brushes in a range of sizes to fit all sizes of interdental spaces. Size

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OHP interdental brushes in 8 sizes to fit all sizes and shapes of interdental space, where your toothbrush can’t reach. Each brush comes with a travel cap that also doubles as a handle extension, making it easier to reach the spaces at the back of the mouth. Great for cleaning around orthodontic braces. See image gallery for ack detail.

The OHP interdental brushes colour/size is comparative with other better known brands, and offers great value for money. From the same manufacturer as the OHP range of toothpastes, these interdental brushes are robust and effective at cleaning the surfaces of the teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach. Oral health coach LeighGS has given these the usual Growing Smiles test run and reports they pass the test for us to include them on the online shop, i.e. do what they were designed to at an affordable price.

Periodontal (gum) disease is the 6th most common non- communicable disease in the world.

Healthy gums don’t bleed. Gum disease can lead to high costs in the way of treatment and lost days from work, never mind pain, discomfort, bad breath and possibly tooth loss. Daily interdental cleaning with OHP interdental brushes is the most effective way of cleaning the unreachable surfaces by toothbrushing alone. Interdental cleaning is also great at improving breath freshness. The aim of cleaning the sides of the tooth your toothbrush can’t reach means to be effective the interdental brush must fit ‘snugly’ in the space. The bristles must make contact with the surfaces to remove the plaque biofilm that gathers on tooth surfaces, particularly along the gum line.

Clean these interdental spaces BEFORE toothbrushing. you may need a variety of sizes to clean all spaces. Choose a brush that will fill the space and disrupt the plaque biofilm. Use a fluoride toothpaste when toothbrushing. Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse all the paste away – let the ingredients work for longer.

A mouth rinse IS NOT an alternative for daily interdental cleaning. Using a mouth rinse with the right ingredients is an extra level of oral hygiene and not an alternative to disrupting and removing the bacterial laden plaque biofilm from all tooth surfaces using some form of interdental cleaning and toothbrush.
Not sure what size of OHP interdental brushes to use – get advice and coaching from LeighGS here.
Can’t get an interdental brush to fit? Use floss or tape.

How to use interdental brushes.

When to start interdental cleaning?

As soon as two teeth are in contact with one another that area can not be reached with toothbrushing alone. This means that children should get into the habit of interdental cleaning routinely from an early age. We recommend children when their first permanent teeth start to erupt  have these spaces cleaned – first by a grown up then themselves. Gumchucks is great for this. Interdental cleaning should be an established part of a daily oral hygiene routine by age 18.

For personalised advise book online one to one oral health coaching – learn more and book here.

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