Mc6 Mouth & Lip Hydrator

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The Mouth Hydrator is a way of moisturising a patient’s lip/mouth or tongue in safe and controlled condition. With a slow flow of water from two drip holes, a gentle compression against the lips is enough to provide a gentle flow of water to the patient’s mouth, providing moisture to the lips offering instant relief to dry mouth/lips.

The Mc6 mouth and lip hydrator can be purchased individually or in packs of 6. Each hydrator is individually wrapped.

Mouth Hydrator can be used:

  • To moisten the lips and mouth of a patient to prevent drying.
  • Ideal for palliative/end of life care and oncology/cancer patients.

Instructions for use:

  • Fully Depress the soft end into a bowl of water
  • Lift off slowly and allow the soft head to fill with water
  • Remove the hydrator slowly from the bowl
  • Place onto the surface of the patients tongue or lips, flat side up
  • Apply light pressure to the MC-6 and move side to side over the patient’s lips and/or place into patients mouth
  • Slowly allow the liquid to enter/ flow over the patient’s lips/tongue before removing it from their mouth
  • When the patient has been sufficiently moistened remove excess water from the MC-6

Can be used in palliative and end of life care to moisten the lips and inside of the mouth with water.

Single patient use. Discard after use. See image gallery for more information on use.


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