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This Oral Clean electric suction toothbrush from Bluereo is ideal for anyone those who need help with oral hygiene. Daily oral hygiene is important to maintain good oral health and well being.

This is the world’s first electric suction toothbrush and provides simple innovative oral care for people who need assistance with toothbrushing. Many people are unable to practice oral hygiene due to sickness, disability or injury. This handy electric suction toothbrush can improve oral hygiene, oral health and wellbeing. It is suitable for all settings including home, residential care or hospital.

Carers are often concerned about providing oral hygiene for others worrying that they may do more harm than good, especially if there are swallowing issues or worry about choking. Our friends at Knowledge Oral Health Care introduced us to this brush and we agree – its a game changer! We are living longer, often with some or all of our teeth which require daily oral care. This oral care can become challenging as chronic illness impacts our ability to carry out personal care activities independently.  This toothbrush can improve acceptance of oral hygiene routines and also increases the confidence of the caregiver.

This brush is suitable for anyone with dysphagia (swallowing difficulties). e.g. those with dementia, neuro disability, nil by mouth  or have any  oral hypersensitivity. (KOHC 2021)

The brush is lightweight with sonic movement of its super soft bristles (14000 times per minute).  The LED light illuminates the mouth through he transparent brush head assisting in placement of bristles and effective use.  It has a smooth sonic movement which makes the noise low while effectively cleaning teeth and gums – even for those who are hypersensitive. The suction hole is located in the brush head where saliva/water is gently suctioned via the soft tube  attached to the bottom of the brush to the detachable bag. The bag has a strap which may be hung around the neck of the carer. A wrist strap may be attached to the brush.

The antibacterial brush bristles provide hygienic oral care as the suction (500ml per minute) ensures water from inside the mouth is removed via the suction hole on the top of the brush head.. The brush heads can be replaced to use on different individuals. The foldable bottle is easily washed after use.

Growing Smiles user tips 

Aim to brush at a suitable time. Ideally this will be last thing at night before sleeping and one other time each day – but this may depend on cooperation and making the task acceptable. This may be at some other time of the day.

We recommend using the brush dry with a pea sized blob of fluoride toothpaste (SLS free/non foaming toothpaste is preferable). 1450ppm fluoride is recommended for those at risk of tooth decay.

Place the bristles along the gum line where tooth and gum meet. The sonic bristles will move to clean plaque biofilm at this important area. Aim to clean the outside, inside and biting surface of all teeth and the gum line. No need to rinse after brushing as any fluoride paste left will work to protect teeth and gums. Seek advice from your dental team or Growing Smiles coach to ensure effective use. Book a call with a Growing Similes oral health coaches here. 

How to use video can be viewed here 

We recommend visiting the Mouth Care Matters website where you will find links and resources on oral health for those who need more to support their smile for life.

Package includes-

G100 OralClean sonic toothbrush

2 Brush heads

Wrist strap

Foldable bottle ( 500mls)


Cleaning brush

Includes UK adaptor.

See images for full product details.

Replacement brush heads available here.


Product Specifications

Colour:   Ivory White

Vibration Frequency: 14,000 rpm (+/- 20%)

Suction Rate: 500ml/min (+/- 25%)

Foldable Bottle: 700ml

Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion (1.6Ah)

Adapter: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A

Dimensions: 1.69 × 1.5 × 10.55 inches

Weight: 0.44 lbs


Oral Clean

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