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Icon Optim Interdental Brushes – 8 Pack


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Icon interdental brushes are manufactured in the UK and come in the same sizes as TePe – PLUS a white size which is finer than the smallest TePe.

We know that the cost of interdental brushes can add up over time. Interdental cleaning is a key factor for preventing gum inflammation (gum disease/periodontal disease), preventing cavities and keeping breath fresh.

Using the correct size to reach the surfaces your toothbrush can’t reach. The aim is to breakdown the plaque biofilm the the ‘in between’ surfaces of teeth so the bristles must make contact to clean thoroughly. Sometimes cleaning between every space between teeth will require a number of different sizes -and the shape and space between teeth can change over time. Not sure what to use? Invest in some Clean between coaching with oral health coach LeighGS. Learn more and book here. 

Icon interdental brushes come in a range of sizes which mirror size/colour of TePe interdental brushes.

White   0.34mm    ISO 0

Pink       0.4mm      ISO 0

Orange  0.45mm   ISO 1

Red         0.5mm     ISO 2

Blue        0.6mm    ISO 3

Yellow    0.7mm   ISO 4

Green    0.8mm    ISO 5

Purple    1.1mm    ISO 6

Grey      1.3mm     ISO 7


Not sure how to use interdental brushes? Watch our how to video with oral health coach LeighGS.

Interdental cleaning should be completed BEFORE toothbrushing. This is so that the fluoride and other active ingredients in your toothpaste remain around the teeth for longer, providing maximum benefits. After toothbrushing spit out toothpaste but don’t rinse. If you  are using a mouth rinse, rinse with it at a different time of day to toothbrushing. This will ensure a healthy environment in the mouth over as much of the day as possible.


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