My Orthodontic Adventure with LeighGS 1 a) Interprox Reduction 1

I needed some space to get my teeth back in line! In my case this was done by interproximal reduction. What is interproximal reduction? It’s mechanical removal of tiny bit of the outer tooth surface (enamel), between teeth. This space is then used to straighten the teeth. It wasn’t painful. No local anaesthetic (freezing) is required. Just to go back a bit on how my lower anterior teeth got a bit lost on their location! I.e mesial drift. Our teeth are arranged in the form of a U or V shaped arch. Throughout life, teeth move forward towards the midline of the face. This is called ‘physiological drift’. This is very common. Mesial drift of teeth is when the teeth move in a mesial direction (towards the middle of the face), attempting to keep in touch with their next door neighbour! While chewing, the teeth rub against each other on the sides at the contact points (where one tooth is in contact with the next), this results in wear. The space created by this wear and tear is filled by mesial/forward movement of the teeth to re-establish contact. (Better together!) Mesial drift can be because of physiological, pathological or induced reasons. In my case a combination of many birthdays and clenching/grinding.


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