35 to 45 years

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Most Common Diseases & Conditions:

Tooth decay (dental caries)

tooth decay

Gum disease

gum disease

Tooth wear (erosion, attrition, abrasion)

tooth wear

Oral cancer

mouth cancer

Major Risk Factors Which Contribute to Problems:

  • Diet – sugar containing food and drinks
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Little or no fluoride around teeth
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Polypharmacy (taking a number of medications)
  • Tooth loss
  • Dentures

Everyone in this Age Group Should Aim for:

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Practice good oral hygiene (Floss/clean between and brush daily)
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse
  • Avoid/stop tobacco and nicotine products
  • Avoid/minimise alcohol
  • Regular dental care

Source: Delivering Better Oral Health PHE 2021

  • Inside the mouth –  Teeth – Function and appearance. Tooth decay & Gum disease. Gum recession. Root decay. Sensitivity, Ulcers, Soft tissues, Tongue health & fresh breath.  Mouth Cancer. Dry mouth. Inflammation and the Oral Microbiome.
  • Lifestyle, Health and Wellbeing – General, Oral Health and Inflammation. Medications and supplements. Lifestyle – Tobacco, Alcohol & Drugs. Caring for others. Mental health and Stress.
  • Oral hygiene – Toothbrushing, Interdental cleaning & other oral care routines. Tongue cleaning. Dental Appliance Care.
  • Diet and Nutrition – Healthy Eating for a healthy life and for a healthy smile for life. Sugar, Weight and oral health
  • Professional dental care – General Dental Care – Monitoring & Maintenance. Repair and replacement of Teeth  e.g. Dental Implants. Professional Mechanical Plaque Removal  – Dental Hygiene Therapy. Cosmetic Dentistry – Tooth Bleaching, Orthodontics etc
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