Peppersmith 100% Xylitol Chewing Gum


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Xylitol helps prevent tooth decay, stimulating saliva flow and increasing potential remineralisation of tooth surfaces. Approved by the British Dental Health Foundation as beneficial for dental health.



[bookly-cancellation-confirmation]Use Peppersmith Xylitol Chewing Gum after eating and drinking to reduce risk of damage to tooth surfaces. Great for anyone at risk of tooth decay or tooth surface loss due to acid erosion, attrition from grinding, or clenching, or toothbrush abrasion.

15g  = 10 pieces.

Xylitol products are proven to help reduce plaque and the risk of decay – learn more about xylitol and sugar here.
Xylitol mints & gum help prevent acid attacks after meals
Using only xylitol means these products are sugar free & aspartame free
Xylitol is low-GI so these mints & gum are suitable for diabetics
Xylitol has 40% lower calories than sugar so there’s only 2 calories per mint and 3 per gum
Peppersmith xylitol is naturally derived from trees and plants

Want to know why these are expensive? They are 100% xylitol, a natural product which comes from the birch tree and is very expensive!! But very effective! In this case you do get what you pay for!

Sugar free gum doesn’t contain sugar – the taste is added using xylitol which not only stimulates saliva flow (your secret dental health helper) and stops the bacteria that causes tooth decay from working to harm teeth.  Teeth are more at risk of tooth decay and acid erosion after eating or drinking. This time after eating/drinking is ‘high risk’ for the minerals of the teeth to dissolve and if sugar is present tooth decay can result   – if no sugar but acid present, acid erosion can result. If both sugary and acidic you can end up with a double whammy risk of both tooth decay AND acid erosion!

Saliva helps to remineralise tooth surfaces after an acid/sugar attack. If you have good saliva flow it can take up to 2 hours for the tooth surfaces to remineralise (harden). If you suffer from dry mouth and have poor saliva flow your risk of developing problems from acid/sugar attack are greater.

The image below from demonstrates how sugar free gum can speed up the hardening (remineralising) process.

When your mouth is dry (xerostomia) plaque biofilm can develop more rapidly and can increase the risk of gum inflammation and also bad breath. Regular use of sugar free chewing gum can help reduce symptoms of dry mouth. Learn more about dry mouth here.



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